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Patriot's fandom

Passing it down the field!

New England Patriots
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The New England Patriots are the NFL 2001,2003, and 2004 Superbowl Champanions!!!!

Cheer on the team here. Speak your mind. We all know he's defensive genius. Marvel at Gillette Stadium.

All New England Patriots fans and supporters are welcome!

Go Pats!!!


- If you post photos, and its more than one photo, please use an LJ cut.

- And remember PLEASE keep the topics centered around the Patriots and their players.

- You can promote LJs that concern football, Patriot players and the NFL. All others will be deleted.

- There will be no "I love Tom Brady!! His the best quarterback ever!" because we all know football is made up of a team, not just Tom Brady.

- No swearing will be aloud. There are other ways to say things then swearing. So, please don't.

Contact management for any questions.

SCHEDULE/RESULTS -- New schedule when it comes out.